The NFT Magazine: Refik Anadol on the cover of the #03 Issue

    The NFT Magazine: Refik Anadol on the cover of the #03 Issue

    After crypto artists Hackatao and Coldie, it’s now the turn of Refik Anadol the new cover star of The NFT Magazine, chosen by the Readers Club community. 

    Refik Anadol will be featured on the ISSUE #03 cover of The NFT Magazine with public drop scheduled for January 2, 2022.

    The artist has been chosen directly by the Readers Club, the community of readers of the magazine that, thanks to the possession of the first two issues, have the right to vote both on the proposed themes and on the cover artist among a pool of names of great importance in the crypto scene.

    The new issue of The NFT Magazine will be distributed in a limited edition of only 900 copies – 200 more than the previous volume – with a focus on NFT Collectors and Crypto Art.

    There is no shortage of in-depth coverage of the galleries that are promoting and selling NFT, art museums and art houses, and the top 25 NFT collectors of the moment will be featured, along with exclusive interviews with the big players. 

    Who is Refik Anadol? 

    Refik Anadol is a media artist, filmmaker, and pioneer of artificial intelligence aesthetics.

    Born in Turkey, he currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where he founded The Refik Anadol Studio and RAS LAB in 2014.

    His NFTs have been sold for millions of dollars on Nifty Gateway and by major auction houses such as Sotheby’s. Recently the immersive work “Machine Hallucinations – Nature Dreams” exhibited at Konig Galerie in Berlin sold for a record 300,6942 ETH on the OpenSea platform. 

    Many projects will be realized during 2021 by Anadol together with its Studio team, such as the immersive installation at Casa Batllò in Barcelona or the absolute protagonist during Art Basel Miami with the installation on the beach by the Aorist platform in the FAENA resort. 

    His personal research addresses the challenges and possibilities that computing has imposed on humanity and what it means to live in the age of artificial intelligence for a human being. 


    The cover by Refik Anadol

    The featured work on the ISSUE #3 cover of The NFT Magazine is “Machine Hallucinations – Space: Metaverse” which brings together Anadol’s richly diverse works inspired by the studio’s 2018 start to the metaverse to showcase its collaboration with NASA JPL and its long-term research into the photographic history of space exploration. This first immersive NFT work based on a cinematic AI experience in which the past and future of space exploration intertwine was born out of a complex narrative of space-time reorientation


    As with previous volumes, distribution and sales are timed at different points in time, with priority access to the whitelist of holders who are part of the Readers Club, readers who have purchased the first and second volumes of The NFT Magazine.

    Then it’s the turn of the presale for the community present on Discord and Telegram and then the public drop.

    The starting price for all is 0.05 ETH + gas fee, with the possibility to buy also in FIAT currency such as euro and dollars directly from website 

    Unsold copies will be burned to ensure the rarity of the edition.

    The date for the drop is then for January 2, 2022 at 18:00 CET.

    And you, are you ready to read and collect the new issue of The NFT Magazine? 


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