The NFT Magazine: Giovanni Motta on the cover of the ninth issue

    The NFT Magazine: Giovanni Motta on the cover of the ninth issue

    The Italian crypto artist Giovanni Motta is the protagonist of the cover of the new issue of The NFT Magazine, dedicated to NFT Anime Manga & Comics

    Giovanni Motta is the protagonist of the cover of ISSUE # 09 of The NFT Magazine with a public drop scheduled for next 2 July.

    The artist was chosen directly by the Readers Club, the community of readers of the magazine which, thanks to the possession of the previous covers, has the right to vote both on the themes proposed and on the cover artist. The “Readers” were able to choose from a pool of names of great importance in the crypto landscape.

    The new issue of The NFT Magazine will be distributed in a limited edition of only 666 copies with a focus on Anime Manga & Comics’ NFT projects.

    There will be many insights on projects such as Punk Comics, DC Comics, but also exclusive interviews and insights on the subject.


    Giovanni Motta (1971) is a Veronese crypto art artist.

    He graduated in accounting and began working for the advertising sector. At the age of 49 he rediscovers his love for art and his artistic career is born.

    He defines himself as self-taught. His NFT works are the meeting of the past represented by his favorite subject – Jonny Boy, his inner child – and the present that is embodied in the middle, crypto art.

    He knows crypto art through his colleagues and friends Hackatao, one of the first crypto-artists, who showed him the fundamentals of the philosophy of this universe and introduced him to the SuperRare platform .

    Approaching such a technological medium was natural for him, for years he had gone from painting and drawing to working with 3D modeling and animation programs.

    His inspiration are the psychedelic graphics of the 80’s videogames and the artists of the Viennese secession. Influences that come together in an art that is visually very close to the aesthetics of Anime that explores the perspective of a curious child who faces the world.


    The work on the cover, entitled ” Metaborg ” is totally unpublished, created by the artist exclusively for ISSUE # 09 of The NFT Magazine and is part of the Metaborg – Fight to survive ” project, an innovative Comic Book NFT written and designed by the same Giovanni Motta.

    Those who purchase The NFT Magazine ISSUE # 09 will therefore have the right to participate in the Comic Book drop scheduled for next 7 July on the Nifty Gateway platform , at midnight Italian time.

    The innovative drop will be divided into 3 works of art, “NEVER NEXT”, “ALWAYS”, and “ALONE”, available for a limited time of 15/30 minutes and will be open only for people who have obtained the Whitelist, including the owners of the # 09 Issue.


    As for the previous volumes, distribution and sale are marked at different times, with priority access to holders who are part of the Readers Club , readers who have purchased previous editions and for those who have subscribed.

    The starting price for everyone is 0.05 ETH + gas fee, with the possibility of buying in FIAT currency as well as euros and dollars directly from the Newsstand .

    Unsold copies will be burned to ensure the rarity of the edition.

    The appointment for the public Drop is therefore for 2 July 2022 at 18:00 CET.

    And you, are you ready to read and collect the new issue of The NFT Magazine?


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