The NFT Magazine: Hackatao will be the first artists of the collectible cover

    The NFT Magazine: gli Hackatao saranno i priThe NFT Magazine: Hackatao will be the first artists of the collectible cover

    The contents of the first magazine to be collected in Ethereum have also been announced: the first drop is scheduled for November 2nd

    No one would have ever expected it, yet the great publishing project The NFT Magazine announced just a few weeks ago is enjoying great success all over the world.

    In view of the first drop, scheduled for next November 2nd, the first 150 places reserved for the whitelist at a special price have already been sold out.

    Now a new announcement: HACKATAO will be the protagonists of the first collectible cover, but there is still mystery about which will be the protagonist work

    Who are the Hackatao?

    Born in Milan in 2007, the duo takes their first steps in the Italian market through a pop-surrealist style, reminiscent of the works of Murakami and Warhol.

    The protagonists of their works are the Podmork, totemic creatures that are at the center of their artistic production.

    In 2018 the digital turning point: their first work in NFT “Girl Next Door”, a gif minted and dropped on SuperRare, took off as a real rise for the Italian duo.

    Today Hackatao has an extraordinary success story behind: not only sales of more than 27 million dollars but also collaborations with auction houses of the caliber of Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

    For them, Crypto Art is an opportunity to do something new and change the paradigm that has so far characterized the traditional art market.

    The contents of the Magazine

    The contents that readers will find inside the magazine have also been revealed: not only an exclusive interview with Hackatao themselves, but also a detailed analysis of market trends and platforms; a Top 20 of the best Crypto Artists of the moment with their sales figures, the NFT projects of the Bluechip artists, the Top Crypto Female Artists and more

    The first drop of the Magazine will also have a limited edition of only 500 copies, which will be on sale for a limited time of only one week.

    Unsold copies will also be burned to ensure the rarity of the editions.

    And you, are you ready to collect the NFT Magazine?



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