The Sound of Pixels. La mostra di Art Innovation Gallery a Hong Kong

    After Milan, New York and Miami Beach Art Innovation Gallery arrives in Hong Kong!

    On the occasion of Art Basel, Hong Kong is lit up with the works of more than 70 digital artists, the best on the international scene, including XCopy, Giovanni Motta, SeerLight, CryptoPunks, King Xerox, Terrell Jones, Pho, 0xdgb, Zhuk, Mannay, Tim Maxwell, Stefan Große Halbuer, JakNFT, Laurent Castellani, DotPigeon, Gelo, Pop Wonder, Creaction, Schauermann, Andrea Crespi, Alessandro D’Aquila, Melkio, Post Wook.

    THE SOUND OF PIXELS will open in Hong Kong, from 17 to 23 March 2023. The exhibition is curated by Art Innovation Gallery, one of the first Italian galleries to organize international exhibitions with innovative curating using the world’s largest and most important screens, but now also in the space.

    In this occasion Art Innovation Gallery announce a collaboration with Geometric Energy Corporation, who created the first-ever commercial lunar satellite in history paid entirely with DOGE – will launch aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. This space will be allocated to include digital art in the form of space plaques, and a selection of artwork curated by Art Innovation Gallery will travel in Earth orbit and lunar orbit. The payload will obtain lunar-spatial intelligence from sensors and cameras on-board with integrated communications and computational systems.

    A preview of the visualization of the inside of the satellite, in orbit, showing the artwork, will be exhibited for the first time in Hong Kong.

    THE SOUND OF PIXELS will bring the works of more than 70 digital artists to the over 70 by 20 meters LED screen and in the earth’s orbit and the moon’s orbit.


    They are drawn from more than 30 countries, including Italy, the United States, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, Thailand, South Korea, China, Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Brazil, France, the Netherlands and Australia. Most of the artists in the exhibition are curated by institutions in the art market system, for example, Christie’s and Sotheby’s New York, international museums and galleries.

    THE SOUND OF PIXELS exhibition will feature the most prominent collectors in the Crypto Art industry: LandBaron555, Transient Labs and H.E. Zepump. This collaboration was created to further value artists and to make digital art collecting increasingly sustainable.

    The billboard, in Hong Kong, will enable the full perception of digital artworks through sound reproduction.

    The Gallery had more than 57 artists on show in the first exhibition that was held in Milan in Piazza Gae Aulenti during MiArt (Milan Art Week), the works were exhibited on 6 huge LED Walls with innovative shapes distributed in the square. In New York, in Times Square during The Armory Show, 56 other artists, from over 30 countries, were displayed on billboards more than 20 meters high by 30 meters wide. And in Miami Beach during the Art Basel more than 100 artists were displayed on a floating platform that produced more than 7 million views. Art Innovation Gallery have worked with over 300 artists, some of which are among the most influential in the world of crypto art and some are a selection of emerging new talents.

    Francesca Boffetti, founder of Art Innovation Gallery said: “We are promoting the culture of Digital Art on Maxi LED walls all over the world, showing artists on-chain” and in the major cities. Art Innovation goes beyond the concept of the physical space. It is in fact the first gallery to exhibit NFT in a traveling show, putting the artists in direct touch with the largest possible audience. Blockchain technology is the inevitable future, bringing trust and transparency to every user. It solves many problems, beginning with authentication, transparency of operations, historical provenance and copyright.”

    Art Innovation Gallery was set up in 2022 to promote the best creative energies in the field of digital art by creating a program of international exhibitions. Moreover, in response to the new demands of collectors, during the show each work will be accompanied by a QR code to provide full information about the NFT.


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