Twitter enters the NFT world

    News from the digital and NFT world – 2 JULY 2021

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    Twitter enters the NFT world

    Twitter also announced its debut in the Crypto universe.

    However, the initial approach chosen by the social network differs from what has been seen so far: Twitter has in fact declared that it wants to give as many as 140 tweets – a number that corresponds to the original character limit – to users who leave a comment under the relative official tweet. at the news of the initiative.

    The NFTs of the tweets are divided into 7 different illustrations, so a good 20 copies for each and each illustration refers to the world of Twitter, including the logo and the character limit.

    This giveaway was organized in collaboration with the famous Rarible marketplace, where the Crypto works with their history are present, including any sales made by the lucky users who received the NFTs.

    Bianca Posterli, Head of Social Marketing and Twitter Campaigns, said, “The NFT conversation started on Twitter and it’s huge. This drop is our gift to NFT Twitter to celebrate that conversation and help make it even more accessible. “


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