Who is Dangiuz: identikit of an Italian Crypto Artist

    Who is Dangiuz: identikit of an Italian Crypto Artist

    His cyberpunk works attract attention on the SuperRare platform

    After the success of the first crypto art auction promoted by Christie’s with Beeple and that of Sotheby’s in collaboration with Pak and Nifty Gateway, the world of art has turned the spotlight on the vast universe of digital art in NFT.

    The sale of Beeple’s Everydays – The First 5000 Days for $ 69 million led to a veritable artistic revolution.

    There are many crypto artists who populate the NFT sales platforms, where digital works that cannot be reproduced and cannot be changed (Non-Fungible Token) are published every day, thanks to Blockchain technology.

    One of these is Dangiuz, the stage name of Leopoldo D’Angelo, an Italian crypto artist born in Turin in 1995.

    The strong passion for technology led him to experiment with the use of graphic software, thus achieving digital works with a precise aesthetic, a mirror of the complexity of contemporary man inserted in a cyberpunk-futurist context, all seasoned with undeniable references. to the 80s.

    His style, as stated by himself in the interview for Idiotist, is the son of pop culture and famous science fiction works such as 1984 by George Orwell, Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner.

    Dangiuz is now established on the SuperRare platform, one of the most famous in the world, so much so that it stands in the top 5 of the most popular artists, with a total sales in recent months of over $ 300,000.

    Crypto art and the canonical world of galleries still travel on parallel tracks, which is why in order to gain visibility, in addition to being present on the most popular MarketPlace, crypto artists build a dense network of contacts on the most popular social networks.

    Dangiuz’s Instagram profile has a following of 63.4 thousand followers, but Twitter is the social network he prefers and where every day he communicates and interacts with his community which currently has almost 20 thousand followers.

    Appointment instead tomorrow 12 May at 6 pm live on the social network TikTok where Dangiuz together with the Art Tech Entrepreneur and Blockchain and NFT expert Andrea Concas will reveal what NFTs are, how a digital work of art for the crypto world is born , the moment of the drop, the advantages and disadvantages of this phenomenon to be discovered.

    In the growing NFT market, new artists make space every day, ready to make their voices heard.

    And you, do you know the artist Dangiuz?


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