Banksy’s NFT work “Spike” at auction

    News from the digital and NFT world – 13 July 2021

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    Banksy’s NFT work “Spike” at auction

    The news regarding the sale of the Spike work, created by the mysterious Banksy in 2005 and now transformed into NFT thanks to the collaboration with the Valuart platform, is recent.

    The physical work consists of a stone recovered by the artist from the wall that divides Israel and Palestine, on which Banksy wrote the word ‘spike’, or tip. After creating it, he hid it in Palestine, announcing in a statement that anyone who found it could contact him to receive a certificate of authenticity.

    Currently the original work is owned by the tenor Vittorio Grigòlo, co-founder of Valuart and the one who decided to transform it into NFT.

    The digital version consists of a video where Spike, accompanied by Grigòlo’s voice, floats in space and then crashes into the Dead Sea, thus symbolically returning home.

    The auction will be held on the platform’s website on Thursday 22 July at 22.22 and half of the proceeds will go to charity organizations in favor of conflict victims.


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