Binance: the names of the 100 creators of the new NFT marketplace

    Binance: the names of the 100 creators of the new NFT marketplace 

    The platform will open on June 24 and will sell works by artists, along with sports and music stars 

    Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, last April announced the launch of a new marketplace where users would be able to create, buy and sell digital collectibles and NFTs

    Now, waiting for the real opening of the platform, the names of the 100 creators who will put their works on sale have been revealed: they will not only be art NFTs, but also gaming projects, sports, fashion and much more.

    The desire and purpose of Binance is in fact to become a leader in the NFT sector and to do so it has selected 100 of the best Italian and international artists on the scene today, as well as companies and organizations. 

    Among the names communicated were crypto artist Dangiuz, painter and designer Bianca Beers, artist Giovanni Motta, African crypto artist Osinachi and street artist Simon Dee, who commented on his new professional adventure: 

    “I am elated about the launch of my collection on the Binance NFT marketplace. I believe that every artist wants to reach as many people as possible with their art and collaborating with a brand of this magnitude is the right opportunity to give visibility to their work. When I decided years ago to take graffiti and transfer it from walls or trains to the digital world, I still didn’t know exactly what use I would put it to. I was aware that the digitization of this artistic current could be interpreted as a denaturalization of graffiti itself, but I was also certain that the exploration of this technique would give ample room for evolution. On Binance you will find a collection of portraits, where graffiti from elaborate lettering becomes almost a texture and each word a small pixel within a larger design. 

    Collectibles will include those of the famous soccer teams Bayern Munich and FC Dynamo Kyiv, former Spanish footballer Guti, but also singer Lewis Capaldi, rapper Guè Pequeno, DJ and radio host Ema Stokholma and even fashion and beauty agency Darden Studio or women’s shoe brand Pampili.


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