Censored: Pak’s NFT project in collaboration with Julian Assange

    Censored: Pak’s NFT project in collaboration with Julian Assange

    The Wikileaks “red primrose” has collaborated with one of the most important crypto artists in the world for a collection of Non Fungible Token

    Pak, one of the most important artists of the crypto scene, has collaborated with the founder of WikiLeaks, the jailed Julian Assange to launch a collection of NFTs entitled Censored“.

    The collection was launched on February 7 and coincides with the deadline for Assange’s lawyers to ask the UK Supreme Court to reconsider the US government’s extradition case against him.

    Courtesy Photo by Daniel Leal/AFP via Getty Images

    The collection includes two different drops: the first part of “Censored” consists of a public auction of a single edition NFT, characterized by a timer that counts the number of days Assange spent in prison.

    The second part of the sale is a game on the concept of selling “pay what you want”. Users can tokenize a message to create an NFT that will be part of the open edition of “Censored“.

    Photo Credits: Still from censored.art


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