Dot Pigeon: NFT outside the conventions

    Dot Pigeon: NFT outside the conventions. 

    Dot Pigeon is one of the 50 artists featured in “CRYPTO ART – Begins,” the first NFT book chronicling the history and evolution of Crypto Art

    “CRYPTO ART – Begins” chronicles the exciting beginnings and evolution of Crypto Art through the history and work of 50 of the best artists in the world who contributed to its birth and are still an active part of the present and future of its revolution with their NFT projects.

    CRYPTO ART – Begins presents Dot Pigeon 

    Dot Pigeon is one of the most beloved contemporary artists in the world of Crypto Art. 

    His NFTs tell us about the inner struggle between belonging to a bourgeois life and the desire to live outside of convention. 


    Driven by the need to have additional space for creative expression outside his profession, Dot Pigeon developed his personal creative project in 2017. 

    His marketing skills support the smart decision to promote his works on Discord and Instagram. 

    Its first release on Nifty Gateway is a success. 

    Dot Pigeon soon became one of the most celebrated artists on the global Crypto Art scene, beloved especially by under-30 Americans. 

    HIS ART.

    Artistic identities sometimes arise to liberate, but also to question sides of the self that do not find space in the conventional life dimension. 

    This is what Dot Pigeon represents to its creator: an expressive identity brought to life through the “balaclava guy,” the artist’s alter ego and the protagonist of his most famous NFTs. 

    Dot Pigeon’s works always present us with what appears to be the scenario of a home invasion. 

    Hollywood villas are occupied by one or more young people with faces covered by balaclavas who seem to be at once comfortable and hostile to their surroundings. 

    Dot Pigeon’s NFTs speak the language of contemporary pop culture. There is never a shortage of references to the mainstream brands most prized by young people, and artworks by the market’s top-rated artists are ubiquitous on the walls of the villas generated by the artist’s imagination. 

    Graphic elements also appear in works such as “U couch activist” (2022), contributing to their communicative effectiveness. 

    Dot Pigeon shapes the inner contrast between a bourgeois life and the need to express one’s anarchic inclinations. 

    There is no lack of a strong element of social criticism. The hypocritical side of political correctness and toxic positivity materialize in the luxurious mansions that the protagonists of the works feel the need to vandalize. 

    The controversy lies in the characters themselves who, despite their desire to abstract themselves from this reality, are totally part of it.

    “Burning them down in Balenciaga” (2020) tells us this, where the balaclava guy is portrayed in front of a burning mansion while smoking a cigarette. On him, however, he wears a sweatshirt from the high-fashion brand that clashes with the anti-elitist gesture he has just committed. 


    Eleonora Brizi, curator and founder of Breezy Art, who curated for The NFT Magazine the selection of 50 artists featured in the book “Crypto Art Begins,” writes about Dot Pigeon:

    After creating the environment for the artwork, Dot Pigeon’s photos depict him assuming the pose in which he imagined the character within the space. Next, the artist undertakes the actual art production. Just a hint of his creative process we discussed in the interview.

    What are you waiting for? Learn all about the artists in “Crypto Art – Begins”!


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