The 5 rules of the successful crypto artist

    The 5 rules of the successful crypto artist

    A new study has surfaced the 5 key points for artists to make a difference in the NFT world

    Since the NFT trend exploded, everyone is interested in this world, including artists. They are the main protagonists of this “artistic revolution” still in progress, where there are many guidelines to draw of what is the border between trend and art.

    Given its incredible power of attraction many digital and analog artists, are entering the industry, not so easy to understand.

    There are many who approach NFT, but without knowledge of the high number of unwritten rules to follow and many other obstacles to overcome in order to bring out their artistic research.

    That’s why NFT’s marketplace – Foundation – has compiled new research on its data to answer a question most artists are asking:

    What are the rules to follow to be successful in the NFT world?

    • Be among the first

    There is a saying that “first come, first served“. This rule seems to be applicable also to the NFT world, mainly made of visionary artists and collectors. The artists who first experimented with the application of NFT to their works, as well as the use of new sales platforms and forms of communication are also those most appreciated by the market.

    Those who are referred to in crypto jargon as OG Artists, i.e. pioneers in the industry, have on average a higher average selling price and number of NFTs sold than artists who entered after the Non-Fungible Token boom.

    • Being famous on marketplaces matters more than being famous on social media

    Many NFT sales platforms allow their users to follow artists with their work and receive notifications about their activity, including new NFT drops. 

    Foundation’s research showed that for artists, followers within the platform are much more important than those on social media: a veritable club of supporters ready to buy right away with each new drop.

    • Artists’ network of contacts is among the most useful tools 

    If within the art world the network of contacts is fundamental to bring out one’s artistic research, this also happens in the crypto world. Foundation’s research shows that the artists who have been on the platform the longest are those with the strongest track record and the most sales. 

    Their stable position is due in particular to the relationships forged at the beginning of the emergence of the NFT phenomenon, favoring those who managed to forge the most relationships with all the players in the environment, from artists, through curators, collectors, galleries and platforms.

    • Initial credibility has its value  

    Crypto artists are expected to maintain high credibility with their audience and collectors. 

    It is the artists who choose the selling price of the works, increasing according to their own variable positioning and the credibility acquired in the environment.

    • Attracting the interest of wealthier collectors

    Despite the fact that this is still a growing market, the most important collectors are considered real Whales, they hardly make wrong purchases and most of the artists they collect acquire value precisely because they have been acquired by them.

    A factor that sees support for the work of the artist, who is free to work and improve with their projects, thus contributing to increasing their credibility. 

    How about you, are you ready to enter the NFT world?

    Photo Credits: Beeple


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