NFT works on display on Decentraland


    Not only artists, also galleries are increasingly interested in exhibiting and selling works in NFT. Let’s find out the first cases of NFT exhibitions and sales on Decentraland.

    We are facing an epochal revolution in the digital art market. 

    Sales platforms are taken by storm, as are those where you can create real digital art exhibitions.

    with the goal of creating a virtual world in which users can have complete control over the content they create and share, giving them all the tools to independently monetize the work they do.

    The platform is represented as a three-dimensional world that can be navigated by users using a browser or with the aid of virtual reality viewers. The world is divided into 90,000 lands that represent the digital spaces that users can buy, sell or rent to share their content.

    All interactions within the platform are mediated through a token called MANA, the value of which, in the last few weeks alone, has grown more than 180%.

    Among the first to approach Decentraland for a new form of valorization and fruition of art we find the New York platform that has inaugurated Travel diary”, a digital exhibition of crypto art, curated by Sonia Belfiore, usable exclusively in the virtual world of Decentraland.

    An exhibition focused on the theme of travel told through the works in JPG, GIF and MP4 created by young Italian artists Nicola Baratto and Yiannis Mouravas, Giulia Furlan, Alessandro Manfrin, Matteo Pizzolante, Luca Staccioli, Francesco Tagliavia and Luisa Turuani. 

    For the occasion, artists were asked to create works in NFT – none of them had ever done so before – which were then sold as Drops, i.e. through limited time windows (a few hours or even minutes) in which the works are sold in preview before being moved to the marketplace. 

    NFT exhibitions are undoubtedly an opportunity for launching in the Crypto Art market and experimentation for the artists, who are confronted with completely new ways of production, promotion and sale of their works.

    The renowned physical gallery König Galerie also recreated its gallery (the very structure of St. Agnes in Berlin) on Decentraland by hosting a group exhibition with digital paintings and sculptures in the form of NFTs.

    This is the first physical gallery to open a location on Ethereum’s celebrated blockchain-based platform.

    “For us, it’s important to show that digital art is something that has the same qualities as painting and sculpture,” said Anika Meier, curator of the German gallery, which was in charge of the project.

    The exhibition, opening March 18, 2021, is titled “The Artist is Online. PAINTING AND SCULPTURE IN THE POSTDIGITAL ERA”, curated by Anika Meier and Johann König and featuring over 50 young artists, who work daily on physical media, grappling with the new digital experimentation.

    Among them we find artists who are trying their hand at Crypto Art for the first time, such as Rachel de Joode, Sarah Slappey and Chloe Wise, but also many others, such as Ry David Bradley and Thomas Webb, who have already worked in NFT.

    Of the 70 works on display through April 18, 2021, more than 30 will be offered for sale as NFTs: full catalog at this link. 

    Maybe soon some Italian gallery or institution will do a similar project?

    Photo Credits: Konig Galerie

    And you, are you ready to visit a Decentraland exhibit?


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