A robot sells NFTs on Nifty Gateway for $ 700,000

    A robot sells NFTs on Nifty Gateway for $ 700,000

    The work, sold at a record price by the Sophia Robot on the Nifty Gateway online platform, is the first NFT work created by artificial intelligence

    The Crypto Art market as well as unstoppable also seems to be able to reserve big surprises!

    In fact, to the millionaire figures of the past few weeks, an even more surprising one has recently been added: the robot – humanoid Sophia, created by Hanson Robotics of Hong Kong, has sold a self-portrait of her for as much as $ 688,888!

    The work, entitled “Sophia Instantiation”, was sold on the NFT Nifty Gateway sales platform and is the first piece of Crypto Art created by artificial intelligence in collaboration with the Italian digital artist Andrea Bonaceto

    The artist, of Pisan origin, first painted a physical version of the portrait of the robot on which Sophia herself then intervened and, thanks to her powerful AI, transformed the work into NFT and then put it up for sale.

    Anonymous, on the other hand, remains the buyer of this piece which still seems to belong to the world of Crypto Art and of which we only know the pseudonym of 888.

    Sophia, live streaming from her Hong Kong studio, after the auction declared that “it was a great success” and said she was very happy with the result achieved.

    David Hanson, CEO of the company of the same name but above all Sophia’s father, was also satisfied. “We created Sophia herself as a work of art,” continues Hanson. “Her intelligence is a collective of human algorithms and thoughts that work together like a beehive. Now Sophia has created art entirely with neural networks and artificial intelligence, both responding to her perception of Andrea Bonaceto’s works and using data from her own “life” experiences, under the guidance of the team’s designers and programmers. As she responded to Andrea’s art, she simply excites me: I am a proud father “

    This incredible sale therefore seems to add a new piece to the world of NFT and Crypto Art which, at this point, would no longer even seem to need human intervention.

    A turning point that Bonaceto also hopes for: “I would like this to be a new starting point for the creative development of AI and for the credibility of NFTs as a sustainable solution for true bottom-up creativity: enough with artistic products paid for a pittance . The uniqueness that these “digital labels” guarantee is already a value for the new generations “.

    And you, what do you think of AI in the Crypto world?


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