The NFT of Steve Jobs’ first job application is up for auction

    News from the digital and NFT world – 23 July 2021

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    The NFT of Steve Jobs’ first job application is up for auction

    Steve Jobs’s first job application, after being auctioned last March for $ 222,400, is back on sale until July 28 in both its physical version and a new NFT version.

    Bids for the physical version will be collected by the auction company Snoofa, while the NFT version can be purchased on the Rarible marketplace using the ETH cryptocurrency. Currently, the highest bid for the paper document is $ 1000, while the digital counterpart has been offered $ 546.

    It is not known which company the candidacy was addressed to: the then 18-year-old Steve Jobs, probably still unaware of what the future would hold for him, was looking for a job – perhaps as an electronics technician or designer – after leaving Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

    Although the document is to all intents and purposes “a piece of paper”, Jobs’ candidacy marks a turning point and a crucial moment for the entire history of contemporary technology.


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