The NFT collection by Snoop Dogg

    News from the digital and NFT world – 21 OCTOBER 2021

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    The NFT collection by Snoop Dogg

    The star rapper Snoop Dogg has recently revealed that he is the face behind the Twitter character Cozomo de ‘Medici, a collector of Crypto Arte and a famous name in the panorama of the social platform.

    Snoop Dogg then admitted to owning a $ 17 million NFT collection, consisting of numerous works including 9 CryptoPunk – one of them worth around $ 4.6 million -, a PEPELISA and several “Spaghetti Snoops”.

    This is not surprising, since the artist comes from a family that has been a patron of art for several years and now Snoop has the goal of seeing more and more of his collection grow.

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