The NFT Magazine 2023: news for the collector’s monthly

    The NFT Magazine, the first monthly magazine to be read and collect in Ethereum, after the success of the first roadmap, marks an important new beginning in 2023.

    The NFT Magazine, which in 2022 produced an incredible twelve collector’s issues with covers made by world-renowned crypto artists such as HACKATAO, COLDIE, REFIK ANADOL, OSINACHI and many others, has been constantly working to push itself further, supported by the increasingly growing Community of Readers passionate.

    With The NFT Magazine it is possible to discover the biggest players in the Crypto world, market trends, interviews with experts and analyzes of everything that happens in the crypto world and beyond.

    All collectors of The NFT Magazine covers can access the “Readers Club” to participate in planning the following issues by choosing the topics to be covered, the rankings, the interviews and the artists of the covers, thus becoming real protagonists.

    The NFT Magazine has taken the phygital vision of publishing to another level. In November 2022, on the idea and project of The NFT Magazine, CRYPTO ART – Begins was published in Italy, by Rizzoli, a book that tells the exciting movement of Crypto Art through the history and works of 50 crypto artists. Distribution in all bookstores in the United States will take place in September 2023.

    The news for the new year isn’t finished, actually, they DOUBLE UP!

    The NFT Magazine evolves thanks to the double DROP on Nifty Gateway which not only provides the possibility of purchasing the magazine in NFT format to access exclusive contents but also of acquiring a special physical CRYPTO ART MONOGRAPH with a cover created by a great crypto artist.

    Every first Monday of the month – starting from 9 January 2023 – it will be possible to access the two DROS:

    • The first with the cover celebrating the artist of the month and giving access to the digital magazine;
    • The second with an unpublished NFT by the same artist associated with the limited edition physical book.


    The contents of the new issue of The NFT Magazine are extensive and unpublished. It starts with an in-depth analysis of important news that characterized the last weeks of 2022 and will have repercussions in the months to come.

    Without forgetting the most striking cases that has shaken the crypto world and beyond: FTX.

    There is no shortage of rankings dedicated to future drops to keep under control (and why) chosen by the experts, together with the top gainer and loser of the NFT collections.

    Focus also on the market, to understand how the trend of cryptocurrencies in a moment of bear market is continuing to strongly influence that of NFT collections.


    In view of the first drop of 2023 – scheduled for January 9, 2023 – the absolute protagonist of the collector’s cover is the great crypto artist Angie Taylor.

    Artist, sculptor and animator, Angie Taylor studied sculpture in the early 1980s.

    She became an Adobe animator, illustrator, and demo artist in the 1990s, before giving it all up to pursue her craft.

    Create immersive VR and AR projects, digital sculpture, illustration and animation.

    His current creative process begins in VR where he models 3D characters and scenes. These are hand painted and textured on the iPad before being rendered in 3D.

    His work explores themes of identity, isolation and otherness – often championing life’s misfits and highlighting their struggles.
    His highly distinctive style is difficult to pin down, but has been described by some as Punk-Expressionism – a unique mix of punk art, naive art, pop art and expressionist aesthetics. It also explores its own challenges with neurodiversity.

    Angie has been a punk since 1976 and a digital artist since 1987.


    Angie Taylor will be the first artist featured in “ Crypto Art Monograph ” the first monograph published by The NFT Magazine and curated every month by an internationally renowned guest curator.

    The editorial staff of The NFT Magazine continues the research and curatorship work on the world of Crypto Art, still to be discovered, and reveals the great protagonists of the contemporary art scene more than ever.

    The Crypto Art Monographs become real books to collect, short monographs with unpublished texts to discover the artist protagonist of the publication, but not only: the cover is unique, specially created for the monograph and reproduced on the cover of the book and in NFT format collectible.


    The first CRYPTO ART MONOGRAPH dedicated to Angie Taylor is curated by Fanny Lakoubay , a digital art consultant and curator based in Buenos Aires, with 14 years of experience in art, technology and finance.
    With his LAL ART Advisory team, he supports institutional, corporate and private clients, who wish to enter the NFT space. She is also involved in many NFT projects, such as The Blockchain Art Directory (BAD 2.0), We Are Museums, GreenNFT and more. Previously, he participated in some of the pioneering NFT projects (MoCDA, New Art Academy, CADAF, Editional App, and worked with larger organizations (RadicalxChange Foundation, Christie’s Auction House, Artnet, Societe Generale Bank). He holds an MBA from HEC Paris Business School and a degree in Art History.

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