The NFT Magazine: benefits and news with Hackatao and Montemagno

    The NFT Magazine: benefits and news with Hackatao and Montemagno

    The NFT Magazine Team is preparing for the drop of the fourth issue with the cover of Dangiuz and many benefits for its readers such as access to the presale of the NFT collections by Hackatao and Marco Montemagno.

    L’attesa sta per finire: il quarto numero di The NFT Magazine presenta nella sua copertina da collezione l’opera del crypto artist DANGIUZ disponibile su OpenSea a partire dalle ore 18 CET il 2 febbraio 2022

    The wait is about to end: the fourth issue of The NFT Magazine presents on its collector’s cover the work of the crypto artist DANGIUZ available on OpenSea starting at 6pm CET on February 2, 2022.

    But that’s not all… all the advantages for those who own the previous releases are on the way.

    The community of Readers, active and proactive on all the official social channels of The NFT Magazine, is rewarded with great benefits for important upcoming NFT collection projects.

    Courtesy of The NFT Magazine


    After the first 2,300 NFTs sold out in a few minutes in December 2021, in February there will be the second and last official drop of Queens+Kings by HACKATAO, a collection of 6,900 avatars with interchangeable traits.

    The magazine team announced that Hackatao will include the owners of the first cover of The NFT Magazine valid for early access to the drop of their new collection.

    All owners of the #01 HACKATAO NFT Cover will have pre-mint access to one NFT Q + K per wallet at 0.423 ETH.

    The snapshot will take place at 1:00 pm on February 6, 2022. After this date, you will need to register your wallet on the official website on February 9 to confirm interest and purchase the Hackatao Q + K NFT.


    Our friend Marco Montemagno, one of the most influential tech entrepreneurs in Italy with over 3 million followers, on February 2, 2022 will launch his collection of 10.000 NFT “CRAZY FURY” at the price of 0.08 ETH each with different benefits for the community for owners.

    Marco, aka “Monty”, is a proud Readers Club Member, and for this he wants to give us direct access to a reserved presale of his NFT collection with a 20% discount, starting 24 hours before the public launch.

    All owners of ANY of the covers of The NFT Magazine at the time of the snapshot at 13.00 CET on January 31, 2022, will have direct access to the PRE-sale discounted at 0.064 ETH from 17.00 CET on February 1 2022 for 24 hours, on their account official OpenSea.

    The snapshot will take place automatically at 13.00 CET on January 31, 2022, after which you can purchase your NFTs on OpenSea with an offer reserved for your portfolio for 1, 5 or 10 NFTs.

    #04 Cover by Dangiuz


    The presale will be open today, January 28 at 18:00 CET and will run for 48 hours.

    This is only available to Readers Club members (people who have the first, second or third issue of the magazine) and people who have signed up for Discord or The NFT Magazine newsletter.

    The presale will be in the Readers Members Club section on the official website of the project and will give the possibility to pay also in fiat currencies (PayPal and debit / credit card).

    Are you ready to collect The NFT Magazine?


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