The Sandbox and the sale of NFT

    The Sandbox and the sale of NFT

    Also created, a $2 million fund to help emerging artists

    The Sandbox, an online metaverse where players can build and sell buildable land in exchange for a cryptocurrency called $Sand, has launched its own sales platform for NFT works and crypto artists. 

    A real marketplace that offers digital artists the opportunity to sell their works at the desired price and to receive almost the entire amount earned: in fact, the artists will receive 95% of the gain, while the remaining 5% will return to the so-called Creator Fund, a fund of over $2 million dollars that will finance new talents who will become part of the platform. 

    The Sandbox opens up to exhibitions and artistic performances, and as it happens for its well-established game experiences, also in this case the owner of the lot where the exhibition of NFT works takes place will be able to decide whether to sell it or, for example, to charge a ticket to visit it just like it would happen in a museum or a gallery. 

    Paintings, posters, statues, and artistic productions among the most diverse will be made with the use of Game Maker software, thanks to which you can create 3D virtual spaces, or through Voxel Art, another software of this metaverse and art form in which every object is made of tiny cubes called voxels or volumetric pixels. Artists and game makers will be able to create all those useful items in the game arena, but above all they will be able to make money from them. 

    For the opening of the marketplace, numerous artists were selected including 3D graphic designers, creative artists, voxel designers, illustrators and pioneers of this new form of digital art and the Italian artist duo Hackatao was the first to experiment with the metaverse by building their own game experience. 

    The Sandbox therefore promises to be not only one of the possible futures for gaming or a virtual dimension of existence, but also the springboard for a new form of real estate market, sociality and sharing and especially for the new artistic currents of our time. 


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