Visa enters the NFT market and buys a CryptoPunk

    Le news dal mondo digital e NFT – 27 AGOSTO 2021

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    Visa entra nel mercato NFT e compra un CryptoPunk

    The Visa colossus recently purchased an NFT titled CryptoPunk # 7610 created by Larva Labs for about $ 150,000, thus becoming part of the Crypto world.

    The work represents a punk woman with a crest, lipstick and green eyeshadow and is part of the “CryptoPunks” series consisting of about 10,000 pieces, already sold on various occasions by auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

    Cuy Sheffield, head of cryptocurrency at Visa and collector of NFT, said that “the excitement for this project is not so much about the single Punk, but about the CryptoPunk collection as a whole and what it represents: the beginning of a new chapter for digital commerce. This is just the beginning. We look forward to continuing to build our NFT collection and to support the diverse group of artists and creators working in this space ”.

    Sheffield is a proponent of the Crypto market and believes that “for NFT trading to become mainstream, NFTs should be as easy to purchase as traditional e-commerce experiences where consumers can leverage their existing Visa cards at checkout instead of having to buy. first a cryptocurrency. “


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