4 tips to start documenting your art

    4 tips to start documenting your art

    Documenting one’s art is essential for an artist who wants to be recognized as a professional in the art system and marketplace.

    For an artist who wants to build his artistic career on solid foundations, it is essential to create his own Archive that contains all the information about the history and origin of the works, as well as documentation such as the Certificate of Authenticity, the Condition Report or Publications of the individual works. 

    If you haven’t documented your Art yet, now is the time! 

    Here are 4 tips to get you started effectively!

    Take high quality photographs of your artwork 

    When it comes to archiving, photographs as well as videos are essential. You don’t have to be a photographer or have a professional camera to take high-quality photos. Start by taking a high-resolution photograph of your artwork in its entirety, front and back, not forgetting details such as signature, surface texture or distinctive elements that are critical to you. Pay attention to lighting, display, and editing your photos to avoid manipulated reprodutions. 

    Write your own story with an artist biography. 

    Learn how to write an up-to-date, creative biography that you can include not only in your Archive but also in your Portfolio to present to galleries or art awards to promote your Art. Biographies are concise, accurate and detailed because they need to cover the history of your art career and communicate your journey.

    Explain your work with the Statement

    In addition to entering data, images and documents, remember to describe your artistic research and your works through brief explanations that highlight the physical characteristics of the work, the message it wants to communicate, the idea from which it was generated, the series of which it is part. Don’t forget to collect all the Publications that see your work as a protagonist in exhibitions, fairs, events or awards, without forgetting the catalogs.

    Create an Archive in one place digital space 

    One of the reasons why reconstructing the history of your artwork is so difficult is the impossibility of finding all the information in one place. That’s why it’s important to have a single reference platform that allows you to store information about your Art in a complete and updated way, so you can get in touch more easily with professionals and collectors.

    Art Rights is the platform for the management and certification of works of art that offers the artist the ability to create their own Digital Archive complete and always updated where you can enter information about their works, manage them, protect them with the certification in Blockchain and enhance them with the Art Manager of Art Rights.

    And you, are you ready to document your Art?

    Start certifying, managing and enhancing your art with Art Rights now!


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