5 Great Crypto Art Collectors

    5 Great Crypto Art Collectors

    Let’s discover together the major NFT collectors

    Before the NFT phenomenon became a real gold rush, the Crypto environment was already quite established so much so that, according to a report by NonFungible and Atelier BNP Paribas, in 2020 it had about 75,000 buyers.

    Over the past year, many collectors have joined the Crypto Art universe and several of them have purchased works that are currently worth millions of dollars .

    Who are the NFT collectors?

    Here are 5 profiles of great NFT collectors to be discovered:

    Eric Young

    Young buys his first Bitcoin in 2015 and becomes interested in NFTs after seeing an animation inspired by the work of Guernica , called Picasso’s Bull by digital artist Trevor Jones .

    From that moment begins its search for talented artists, up to the purchase of 350 NFT , an investment of about $ 1 million, won in April 2021 and then to a work of art by Pak by $ 1.4 million during the auction organized by Sotheby’s in collaboration with the Nifty Gateway marketplace .


    The well-known British collector based in Hong Kong started investing in Bitcoin as early as 2012, to switch to Ether in 2015 . His first approach to the world of Crypto Art dates back to 2019, when he started creating his collection, coming to own around 210,000 NFTs.

    WhaleShark is the creator of $ Whale Vault, the digital archive that contains certified NFT video clips of the NBA’s Top Shots . According to a collector’s estimate, the entire collection is now worth up to $ 53 million.

    “I think the main reason NFTs started exploding is that people started realizing it’s just a natural evolution,” says WhaleShark, “Our life is slowly moving from physical to digital. When you look at the new generations, they are very used to considering digital collectibles as a store of value. “

    Justin Sun

    Justin Sun is a longtime young cryptocurrency investor , founder of the cryptocurrency platform Tron . His name appeared in all magazines following the fierce challenge to buy the work Everydays: the first 5000 days by the digital artist Beeple at Christie’s auction house , which ended with his defeat for just 20 seconds.

    Contacted by the staff of Christie’s , the Sun collector has decided to buy instead of two pieces of physical art 100%: the painting Femme nue couchée au collier (Marie-Thérese) of Picasso for 20 million dollars and Three Self Portraits of Andy Warhol for $ 2 million .

    The reason? Through his JUST NFT Fund he wants to register the main works of art by great artists on the blockchain.

    Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile

    His history as an NFT collector begins in 2017, but it is since last year that Rodriguez has decided to buy works of Crypto Art. His collection contains about 2,000 NFTs , some of which can be viewed in the profile on the Nifty Gateway platform .

    The core of his heritage consists of about 400 pieces by the best Crypto Artists such as Beeple, and a further section of 70 pieces defined by him as “the Pak collection ”.


    Metakovan is the pseudonym of Vignesh Sundaresan , the famous collector who bought  Everydays: the first 5000 days of Beeple .

    Entrepreneur, programmer and CEO of BitAccess , a company specializing in blockchain and Portkey Technologies Pte Ltd , a software technology provider, has founded numerous Crypto projects, such as Ethereum and Decentraland .

    The reason that prompted Metakovan to purchase Beeple’s work?

    “Prove to Indians and people of color that they too can be patrons of the arts.”

    Are you ready to become a collector of NFT works too?


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