Botto, the million-dollar robot artist

    News from the digital and NFT world – 8 DECEMBER 2021

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    Botto, the million-dollar robot artist

    After just four weeks of existence, four NFT artworks by Botto, a robot artist, have been auctioned off and purchased for approximately $1 million on the SuperRare marketplace.

    Botto‘s idea took shape thanks to a group of computer engineers and Mario Klingemann, a German artist pioneering the art of Artificial Intelligence, whose works were recently exhibited in London, first at the Barbican Center and then at the Photographers Gallery.

    Scene Precede and Asymmetrical Liberation are two of the works sold by Klingemann, who uses specific algorithms to analyse millions of works of art – starting with the masterpieces of the famous Leonardo da Vinci – and to produce his own.

    Once created, the works are shared with a community of art lovers made up of about 5,000 members, who have the opportunity to choose which of the hundreds of works will be sold at auction.

    All the votes from the community go back to the artificial intelligence that tries to develop a sense of taste. So it looks at the snippets it creates and then tries to determine whether the audience will like it or hate it. And the more information it gets from the community, the more confident it will be in its judgment. What it should do what it shouldn’t do, almost like a child,” said Mario Klingemann

    What will be the next NFT works for sale by Botto?

    Photo Credits: “Resuscitate Depression” Copyright Botto


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