New Beeple drop coming to Nifty Gateway: another millionaire record awaits us?

    New Beeple drop coming to Nifty Gateway: another millionaire record awaits us?

    On April 30, the most famous Crypto Artist of the moment is ready to release a new series of NFTs: here are all the details on Beeple’s works for the Spring / Summer 2021 collection

    Beeple is finally ready to return to the NFT market scene! The $ 69 million artist has announced his comeback in style with the new “BEEPLE: SPRING / SUMMER COLLECTION 2021 蜂 鸟: 2021 年 春夏 系列” exclusively for Nifty Gateway with auction open from April 30 to May 2.

    With a message on his website he welcomes all his collectors and fans: “I don’t stop until I’m in MoMA …. then I don’t stop until I’m kicked out of MoMA, lol”.


    The works included in this new release are a total of 11 available in multiple editions, some of which even in 100 copies. Among them are “Rebirth”, “Gigachad”, “Biological Collectible”, “Abundace” and “January 1ST, 2021” which could reserve some surprises for collectors and buyers wishing to own a work by the artist: simply paying $ 1 to enter the auction, 100 lucky buyers will be drawn by the same artist and will be able to receive a copy of one of the NFTs as a gift!

    In a single edition, however, Beeple has reserved the works “30K”, “HEY”, “DICK MILKING FACTORY” and “BLOODY MONKEY”


    On the Beeple website it is possible to see which works are part of the Spring / Summer Collection 2021, where for each NFT there is a description sheet including technical details.

    For the work entitled “30K”, the Crypto Artist presents the number of day # 4995 corresponding to the famous series “Everydays: the first 5000 days” sold at auction by Christie’s and the date of realization: 1 February 2021.

    Below is an image of the work in high resolution, where in the center of the scene there are two bulls immortalized in the act of mating and the golden symbol of a shining Bitcoin. A note from Beeple describes the image in a few lines: “The halving ceremony is the most unusual part of modern bitcoin production in which owners bet on the efficiency with which an alpha bull can seed the market”.

    There are also technical indications such as: Token ID, Label, Date of Creation, Date of minting of the token, the Collection to which it belongs and the edition number.

    Beeple also provides further technical specifications, just as if it were an in-depth study on the “materials” of the work, then the software used for the realization are indicated such as Cinema 4D, Octane Render and Photoshop, again the original resolution corresponding to 2400 x 3000 and the dimensions of the file 8,491,246 bytes.

    For those who really cannot afford the purchase, Mike Winkelmann offers to download the wallpaper image of the work from the perspective of accessibility to his works.


    The sale will be special, because for the lucky ones who manage to win a lot, they will receive the physical copy inside a special frame made specifically for the works, which allows not only to show them outside the digital screen of a smartphone, tablet. or pc, but also in this new way that pleases most.

    Beyond the prize lot, it is however likely to assume that all the works of this collection will be sold with a very high final price. Precisely for this reason Nifty Gateway has asked for a sort of “deposit” for those who intend to raise more than $ 20,000 to obtain special access to the works.

    We just have to wait to see what will happen, it is certain that at this moment Beeple’s NFT works are among the most desired!

    Photo Credits: Biological Collectible by Beeple


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