NFT: Sardinia devastated by fires, crypto art comes to the rescue. Antonio Marras, Mahmood, Hackatao among the artists involved.

    NFT: Sardegna devastata dagli incendi, arriva in aiuto la crypto arte

    Antonio Marras, Mahmood, Hackatao among the artists involved.

    Crypto Arte supports Sardinia, which in these days suffers considerable damage due to the fires that have started causing over 1,500 displaced people, more than 20,000 hectares destroyed and repercussions for the next 15 years.

    HFor this reason the cultural association The AB Factory, with the precious participation of Antonio Marras, of the Italian duo HACKATAO among the most famous crypto artists in the world, the singer Mahmood with his collection of NFTs linked to the Ghettolimpo album together with many other artists international, have made their digital works available to support the island hit by the violent fire.

    This is the first NFT fundraiser sold in these hours on the Digital Art Rights platform with 100% of the proceeds destined for the island.

    On the platform, you can purchase a selection of NFT (Non Fungible Token) – digital works to be collected, each attributable to a digital certificate that ensures their absolute uniqueness – or make a free donation via PayPal or cryptocurrencies.

    Among the prestigious Italian and international contemporary artists who have donated their own work to show closeness to the island hit by the fires is Antonio Marras.

    For the first time, the fashion designer from Alghero enters the world of NFT (Non Fungible Token) with a triptych of works and his little sheep “Lussu”, whose name is inspired by the writer and politician Emilio Lussu and the Municipality of Santu Lussurgiu, which becomes an icon of this artistic awareness campaign with a “flock” of 500 digital works to color Sardinia.

    “Fire, what to do? Torture, tear, break down, pity, scream in pain? Or fight, help, collaborate and above all prevent? – says Antonio Marras – I cry for those who have lost everything, I cry for the creatures burned but together we struggle to be reborn ”.

    Among the many artists who have joined the project: Federico Cecchin, Andrea Crespi, Alberto Maria Colombo, Noah D’Alessandro, Emanuele Dascanio, Simon Dee, Simone Fugazzotto, Andrea Gola, Mahmood, ManuInvisible, Giovanni Motta, Renzo Nucara, Paola Pinna, Pongo 3D, Caterina Quartana, Marco Rea, Alessandro Risuleo, WAARP and many others. 

    On the Digital Art Rights platform, it is possible to purchase works in NFT through cryptocurrencies, but also fiat currency with the aim of allowing everyone to make their contribution; moreover, unique works are available such as “Re-United” by Marco Réa or “Rage” by Alessandro Risuleo.

    Auctions are also underway with the works of crypto artists such as the Podmork of the HACKATAO duo with a reserve price and a time limit until 31 August; or even “D3st1ny” by Giovanni Motta starring his Jonny Boy and a time limited to the next six days.

    For each donation made it is not only possible to receive the NFT work on your MetaMask wallet, but a discount is guaranteed to be used on the brand new platform which offers the unique opportunity to transform your NFTs into physical and wearable objects.

    the initiative was carried out on the Digital Art Rights platform with the support of prestigious partners and professionals who immediately took action in favor of the island such as Art Rights,, Artuu Magazine, The Cryptonomist, DeFi Today, The Swiss Blockchain Consortium and Marco Rubino of Musebbi.

    I hope that Art can revive and bring colors to where everything is now black! – says Andrea Concas CEO and Founder Art Rights – We want Art to be present in this tragic moment, even the most innovative “.


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