Paris Hilton and the NFT trend

    Paris Hilton and the NFT trend

    The heiress sells on Nifty Gateway for $ 1.1 million

    In her bio on Nifty Gateway she defines herself as “an icon in every business she has pursued, from being an influencer to a highly successful DJ and an innovative business woman. She is focused on women’s empowerment and on supporting others, she shines in every community she belongs to. “

    She is Paris Hilton, the most famous heiress in the world, the latest among the celebrities of the international star-system to join the world of Crypto Art, launching and selling her own collection of NFT works. 

    Hilton seems very involved in this project, so much so that she declares “I’m obsessed. I don’t think about anything else. I’ve never been so excited about something in my life, because I really see it as the future. I’m so obsessed with it that I actually dream about it every single night. “

    A mania that, however, seems anything but a marketing gimmick to make people talk about themselves. In fact, if someone, by a strange chance, did not know the American blonde and found himself scrolling through her Twitter profile, he would conclude that he is not facing a gossip star, but a great lover of the Crypto Art market.

    The socialite, in fact, usually tweets with the likes of Pak and FEWOCiOUS; she is a friend of the collector Whale Shark (her mentor of her in the NFT world) or of the digital artist CryptoYuna, very famous for organizing the first all-female NFT exhibition and for having even named her honorary “Graffiti Queen” in recognition of her support to NFT artists.

    Paris is also a frequent visitor to the rooms on Clubhouse – the social media of the voice – dedicated to the crypto world and daily explores galleries and digital exhibitions.

    So it was natural for her to decide to release a drop of 3 NFT works, for which she collaborated with Blake Kathryn, another acclaimed crypto artist. Two of these works “Hummingbird in my metaverse” and “Legendary love” featured 11 limited editions worth $ 10,000 thus bringing the sale to a total of $ 220,000. The third instead, a portrait of Hilton herself in the guise of the glossy android “Iconic Crypto Queen”, is a unique piece purchased by a mysterious user named mondoir for $ 1,111,211.

    Yet what’s more interesting this time around aren’t the numbers: Hilton seems to rather want to bring NFTs to the general public – and it has the power to do so, or at least try to do so. “I see myself as a public figure with a great platform that can drive this technology into the mainstream,” she says. “And I do it to help people, especially creators, to elevate voices, especially female ones, and ultimately change the world for the better.”

    Because, as he claims and states in a recent post on his site, NFTs are democratizing art, changing the fashion industry, making the metaverse possible and allowing artists to directly engage fans.

    Photo Credits: A detail of “Iconic Crypto Queen” Blake Kathryn for Paris Hilton


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