Who is Digital Artist Matt Kane

    Who is Digital Artist Matt Kane

    Meet Matt Kane, one of the most famous crypto artists of the moment

    The first was Beeple… and from that moment on we all know how it went! In fact, there are many crypto artists who have seen their popularity grow in recent months, sought after by major auction houses or art galleries and among them there is certainly the American Matt Kane with his Generative Art.

    But who is this artist? Let’s find out together!

    Matt Kane’s career began in Chicago around 2004 when a local gallery began selling his oil paintings. With his move to Seattle, art took a back seat and he learned to write codes on his own until he became a web engineer. A few years later and with more time available to him, he fulfills his desire for him: to combine his creative and technological skills to land in the world of digital art.

    In fact, in his works, despite being one of the best known crypto artists, the traditional training as a painter is always evident, his hand, the trace of a pencil or a brush: Kane takes an example from the great masters of art history passed, translating and renewing their gestures in the digital and crypto world.

    In September 2020, the turning point came for him: through the Async Art platform, Kane put his NFT work “Right Place & Right Time” on sale, which was then sold for 262 ETH, approximately $ 100,000; a sum, for that moment, astronomical.

    This sale was significant not only for Kane, but also for all the other digital artists: it helped to create a market for them and, consequently, crypto art started to get higher and higher selling prices and the increasing attention of numerous collectors.

    “People have been experimenting in this space for years, but it was Matt Kane’s sale last year that created a big change,” said Lindsay Howard, digital art curator at the marketplace Foundation.

    From that moment on, the rise was unstoppable for Kane until two recent auctions: his was in fact the crypto version of Monet’s “Sheaves”, an impressionist masterpiece sold in 2019 by Sotheby’s in its physical version for $ 110.9 million, and now instead sold for $ 214,200 during the “Natively digital” the first auction totally dedicated to the NFT world by the British auction house. With Bonhams however, Kane sold a few weeks ago “M87 Black Hole Deconstruction # 9M87”, an NFT that reinterprets our idea of environment for the figure of $ 62,812.

    Kane recently joined, along with 9 other artists, the selection committee of the MOCA, Museum of Crypto Art: further confirmation of the importance of this artist on the crypto scene.

    Photo Credits: “Right Place & Right Time” by Matt Kane


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