The new generation of artists is all digital

    The new generation of artists is all about digital

    Young teens experiment with new ways to establish themselves in the NFT world

    Curious, energetic and innovative: they are the guys of Generation Z, increasingly common personalities in the Crypto universe.

    Digital natives, every day they come across news and possible inspirations enclosed in the words of a tweet, or between photographs and videos published on social platforms such as Instagram.

    The stimulating environment that surrounds them makes them feel the need to experiment and become more and more familiar with the means at their disposal, just like Randi Hipper did who, after hearing about NFT on various channels, decided to publish his works. and collaborate with artists already known in the digital field.

    Right now, I’m trying to drop one drop a week,” said Hipper, now calling herself Miss Teen Crypto, “I try not to overload my feed and my collectors.”

    Established NFT sales platforms such as OpenSea, SuperRare and Nifty Gateway offer a vast panorama of creators, regardless of age and gender: an excellent showcase for those who want to make art their profession without the obligation to be followed by a gallery.

    “In the NFT world, anyone can post online, market themselves on Twitter and build a following from a young age,” says Griffin Cock Foster, creator – along with his twin brother Duncan – of the Nifty Gateway marketplace.

    In June, the platform launched Nifty Next Generation, a successful event that featured the work of two young artists: jstngraphics, 17, from Washington state, and Solace, 18, from Soledad, California, both in the Crypto world for less than a year but already well known.

    Among the many young faces of the NFT landscape stands FEWOCiOUS – alias Victor Langlois – an eighteen-year-old transgender who uses digital art to tell about her difficult childhood and combat discrimination related to gender identity.

    After starting to sell his works on different marketplaces, he was noticed by Noah Davis, Christie’s digital art specialist, who immediately decided to organize an auction dedicated to five of his works entitled Hello, i’m Victor (FEWOCiOUS) e This Is My Life, a hit event that earned the artist notoriety and $ 2.16 million.ù

    It is clear that for some young people creating NFT is a fun pastime and for others it is a huge opportunity to start their own career in the world of Crypto Art.

    To facilitate this process, more and more NFT platforms are creating Communities that allow artists, collectors and professionals of the digital world to get in touch to discuss, train and update themselves on new technologies, trends and market developments.

    Among the tools to support artists, including Crypto Artists, we find Art Rights, a platform for the management and certification of works of art – physical and digital – through Blockchain technology. Among the services that the platform offers there is also the Art Concierge, the largest community of professionals in the sector in support of art.

    And you, are you ready to sell your NFT works?


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