The Art Portfolio

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The Portfolio is the tool that allows the artist to present his artworks, a strategic selection of images to approach gallery owners, curators, but also collectors and other professionals of

The online art market

The 2018 Report of Hiscox Art Online Trade with Art Tactic has shown a continuous growth in online art sales.

Buying artworks from an art gallery

Relying on a gallery to create or enrich a valuable art collection can be very beneficial.

The fakes in the Art World

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The experts of the Fine Art Expert Institute di Ginevra (FAEI) have estimated that more than half of the artworks in circulation result be to fake. In Italy the recents cases reveal

The Rules of the market: the Damien Hirst’s Case

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In 2008 Damien Hirst overturned the rules of the art market. Let’s find out how….