5 Italian 3.0 collectors you absolutely must know

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Research, possession, everyday life, sharing: these are the characteristics that distinguish the collector 3.0. Here are the 5 Italian 3.0 collectors to know

CORONAVIRUS is digitizing the art world! By Andrea Concas

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How can a virus push the art world to turn to the online? In the moment of forced isolation, galleries, fairs and artists discover online. From quarantine to the web:

Coronavirus: the effects in the art world

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While the world balance of Coronavirus rises to more than 2,400 victims, Italy too faces the first real emergency linked to Covid-19, the virus, coming from China, which has been

The Art Advisors you absolutely must know!

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L’Art Advisor is a professional figure who is increasingly gaining ground in the art world. Today the art market is constantly growing. More and more collectors are choosing to acquire

The tips to preserve your art collection

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To maintain the integrity of their works, collectors must be sure to take care of their collection, from the point of view of maintenance, management and legal protection. Proper storage

The role of the art advisor

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Today the art market is a complex and hard-to-interpret world, characterized by a series of specific problems, such as the danger of forgeries or misattributed  artworks. For the inexperienced collector,

ProfessioneARTE.it – Learning for the art world becomes digital

The world of art is changing and thus new opportunities and professional figures are emerging which are increasingly required to have transversal skills in the economic, legal, marketing or communication

MARCO GENZINI – the art collector

The world of art collecting is constantly evolving. Risks and problems of the art market, encourage collectors to take precautions, to create art collections with awareness. The dialogue with the

Corporate Art Collections

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The term Corporate Art refers to any artistic property within a collection managed by a company.

The Artworks Insurance

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The main insurance companies have policies designed specifically for art collections, in order to protect them from multiple risks.