The most used social networks for art

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Even the world of art has now been literally overwhelmed by social networks. But what are the most used by artists, art galleries, museums, collectors and professionals?

Profession: Art Curator

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Among the professionals in the art world, there is the art curator with the task of enhancing the artist and making his art accessible to the public. Let’s find out

The artist’s archive

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The Artist’s Archive is a precious ally for the protection and promotion of the artistic and economic heritage of an artist’s life, in favor of the future of his production,

The Art Portfolio

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The Portfolio is the tool that allows the artist to present his artworks, a strategic selection of images to approach gallery owners, curators, but also collectors and other professionals of

The documents for the loan of artworks

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The loan of an artwork is an important opportunity to increase its value and its recognisability: knowing the documents that are required in this process is fundamental to protect the

Primary and Secondary Art Market

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In the art market there are two main sales channels and knowing the players and how they buy or sell art is essential for all the industry operators.

The Website: a virtual gallery for art

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Today not having a strong presence on the web is almost like not existing: the network of contacts has also to be built online and taking care of one’s digital

The Castelli Method

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Leo Castelli is recognised as the most avant-garde art dealer of the twentieth century and his method has become a model still viable today for the art market.

Social networks: New art market channels

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The social networks offer an exposure chance never seen before, increasing the already thriving online art market and offering new opportunities for artists and market players.

Find your appropriate gallery

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There are different ways to get in touch with art galleries, you just have to know where to go and how to introduce yourself.