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An absolute preview of Art Rights to support Quarantined Artists and Art Professionals! 2 months free to manage, certify and increase the value of your art in this delicate moment

Interview with Elena Zaccarelli- Specialist Modern and Contemporary Art Christie’s – ProfessioneARTE

Art Rights Magazine in collaboration with ProfessioneARTE.it dedicate the first weekly column to the great protagonists of the art world, professionals in a specific sector, today more than ever, in


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Stable market, slower online sales, but HNW Millennials that buy online are growing. The report revealed The Art Market 2020 by Art Basel and UBS.

CORONAVIRUS is digitizing the art world! By Andrea Concas

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How can a virus push the art world to turn to the online? In the moment of forced isolation, galleries, fairs and artists discover online. From quarantine to the web:

Profession: Exhibition Registrar

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Museums and public and private institutions have numerous skills in their staff, including the Exhibition Registrar, a multidisciplinary professional who controls the movement of works of art, in their incoming

The most influential artists of the moment

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Who are the most influential artists of the moment? Although contemporary art is still perceived distanced from the general public, there are names that are successful, create debates and with

Coronavirus: the effects in the art world

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While the world balance of Coronavirus rises to more than 2,400 victims, Italy too faces the first real emergency linked to Covid-19, the virus, coming from China, which has been

ANNAPAOLA NEGRI-CLEMENTI – interview with the lawyer

Protecting and enhancing one’s own art collection requires attention to implement procedures and verifications that take place in all those fundamental phases that concern the life of an artwork. It

SIMONE FUGAZZOTTO – Interview with the artist

Being a professional artist requires transversal skills and capabilities, which can not always be acquired in an academic context. The art world is full of risks and the possibility of

Blockchain for Art

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The Blockchain finds space in the system and in the art market, always marked by opacity of data, as a tool in favor of problems on provenance, price manipulation and