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The art system approached with three distinct in-depth perspectives regarding artists, artworks and the art world.

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The Art Startups

Identifying a “gray area” in a specific market, having an idea, transforming it into a business opportunity, with a scalable and replicable model generating a profit is the primary purpose of a startup. The model does not change if the startup itself is focused on art and its multiple variations, both in production and in

Interview with Lorenzo Balbi – Artistic Director of the MAMbo Bologna Museum – ProfessioneARTE

He is Lorenzo Balbi artistic director of the MAMbo Museum of Modern Art in Bologna. Five questions for get to know the great art professionals, the daily challenges to be faced, the choices that have determined their path in the system and in the art market, the changes under the banner of digital and the

#IStayAtHome and I certify my artworks with Art Rights, 2 months FREE for Quarantined Artists and Art Professionals

An absolute preview of Art Rights to support Quarantined Artists and Art Professionals! 2 months free to manage, certify and increase the value of your art in this delicate moment of our history.

Instagram Stories: Complete Guide for Artists

Doubts about how to make effective Instagram Stories for your art? Here is the complete guide for artists

How to transport an artwork

The transport of an artwork is one of the most delicate phases to face, because it exposes the work to a series of possible damages and a high risk that can compromise its physical and therefore economic integrity. Here are the main conditions for transporting an artwork

The most used social networks for art

Even the world of art has now been literally overwhelmed by social networks. But what are the most used by artists, art galleries, museums, collectors and professionals?

Interview with Elena Zaccarelli- Specialist Modern and Contemporary Art Christie’s – ProfessioneARTE

Art Rights Magazine in collaboration with ProfessioneARTE.it dedicate the first weekly column to the great protagonists of the art world, professionals in a specific sector, today more than ever, in constant change. Five questions to get a preview of the characteristics of their profession, the daily challenges to face, the choices that determined their path

Coronavirus and Quarantine: 6 “art things” to do

Here are some tips to better spend your quarantine without leaving art out, among videos, podcasts, virtual tours, online courses, artist archives and much more!

The restoration of Street Art works

The restoration or conservation of Street Art are practices that have only recently been considered. When, how and why are they to be implemented?

The uses of social networks in the art world

Social networks have become access keys to the world of art and the ways of using them are a lot. Here are the main ones…

The reasoned catalogue

Tool to support the artist, the collector and the whole art system. Discover its importance

How to become a professional artist

Being a professional artist also means acquiring management, communication and promotion skills to support your art. Let’s find out how and why

Profession: Art Curator

Among the professionals in the art world, there is the art curator with the task of enhancing the artist and making his art accessible to the public. Let’s find out how and why.

The digital is changing the art gallery system

The traditional art galleries system is looking for new business models to avoid collapse. What are the ways to overcome it?

5 museums you need to follow on Instagram

Today museums are increasingly social: among posts and stories, here are those to follow on Instagram


Stable market, slower online sales, but HNW Millennials that buy online are growing. The report revealed The Art Market 2020 by Art Basel and UBS.

Prizes, competitions and art residences

Prizes, competitions and art residences are important opportunities for artists to pursuit and factors to consider for gallery owners and collectors. Here is why…

5 Italian 3.0 collectors you absolutely must know

Research, possession, everyday life, sharing: these are the characteristics that distinguish the collector 3.0. Here are the 5 Italian 3.0 collectors to know

Who is entitled to issue the certificate of authenticity?

Not having the certificate of authenticity of a work of art is every collector’s nightmare. Who is entitled to issue the certificate of authenticity? Let’s find it out…

5 must-see art documentaries

To deepen your knowledge of the art system, there are many documentaries that you can comfortably watch from your sofa. Among these, here are the 5 documentaries that every art lover must absolutely see!

CORONAVIRUS is digitizing the art world! By Andrea Concas

How can a virus push the art world to turn to the online? In the moment of forced isolation, galleries, fairs and artists discover online. From quarantine to the web: art professionals sharpen their wits to reduce losses.

Profession: Exhibition Registrar

Museums and public and private institutions have numerous skills in their staff, including the Exhibition Registrar, a multidisciplinary professional who controls the movement of works of art, in their incoming and outgoing loan phase. Let’s find out more

The most influential artists of the moment

Who are the most influential artists of the moment? Although contemporary art is still perceived distanced from the general public, there are names that are successful, create debates and with their works reach record figures at auction. Here’s who are the most famous artists of the moment.

6 financial tips for artists

Financial planning is essential to make your artistic career stable and lasting. Proper financial planning allows you to have greater control over your career, intelligently manage income streams and set professional and personal goals with better awareness.

Coronavirus: the effects in the art world

While the world balance of Coronavirus rises to more than 2,400 victims, Italy too faces the first real emergency linked to Covid-19, the virus, coming from China, which has been causing panic worldwide since the beginning of the year, including the art world.

The Art Advisors you absolutely must know!

L’Art Advisor is a professional figure who is increasingly gaining ground in the art world. Today the art market is constantly growing. More and more collectors are choosing to acquire works of art, enriching their collection out of passion or to diversify their investments. For this reason, collectors often need an Art Advisor, a professional

The tips to preserve your art collection

To maintain the integrity of their works, collectors must be sure to take care of their collection, from the point of view of maintenance, management and legal protection. Proper storage allows to slow down and prevent the decay of the work, as well as ensuring adequate exposure and safe transport. Here are the 5 tips

The 5 books that explain the art system

The art system is complex and has dark sides on which it is necessary to clarify If you are looking for punctual readings that will help you deepen your knowledge of the world of art and its protagonists, here are 5 books that you cannot miss. 

The Digital Archive

Together with the Artist Archive, the digital archive is a tool to support the collector, because it allows him to catalog the works and preserve the documents received after the purchase. In addition, the digital archive collects all the information that accompanies the work from its birth to the moment it is going to be sold,

The role of the art advisor

Today the art market is a complex and hard-to-interpret world, characterized by a series of specific problems, such as the danger of forgeries or misattributed  artworks. For the inexperienced collector, acquiring new works and managing his collection in total safety becomes a major problem. For this reason, it is important to know and rely on

ProfessioneARTE.it – Learning for the art world becomes digital

The world of art is changing and thus new opportunities and professional figures are emerging which are increasingly required to have transversal skills in the economic, legal, marketing or communication fields. New and “old” professionals face future challenges, looking at the world of art as an opportunity for growth and development, not only professional, but


In October, all the eyes of the art world were focused on London for the London Frieze Week, with some unmissable events. Among these, the Contemporary Art Evening Auction by Sotheby’s, which presented the work “Devolved Parliament” by Banksy, reaching a new sales record for the English street artist … Let’s find out what happened

Buying art online

The online art market is increasingly attracting the interest of collectors and art lovers, with numbers in continuous growth in recent years. Galleries and auction houses invest in their presence on the web and on social media, catching the interest of new collectors and reinforcing their appeal to those more “experienced”. Discover the “The Online

The black art market on Facebook

“The illicit traffic in the art world has an annual value of 8 billion dollars a year” A disconcerting fact what we read in the article of Sole 24Ore on Arteconomy that leaves no room for doubt.

Digital Art. Art in the Digital Era

In recent years, new technologies have radically changed the way of using, creating and collecting art. Thanks to Digital Art, artists are constantly searching for new ways of artistic expression, while an increasingly strong interest in Digital Art collecting is taking the way.

The First ChatBOT Book for Art

Today the systems of interaction and automated messaging are fundamental tools also within the art world. Museums, institutions and galleries are looking for new solutions to increase the engagement of visitors within their structures, in favor of learning and fruition of their collections.

ANNAPAOLA NEGRI-CLEMENTI – interview with the lawyer

Protecting and enhancing one’s own art collection requires attention to implement procedures and verifications that take place in all those fundamental phases that concern the life of an artwork. It is not rare, in fact, that entire collections of art lose their cultural value and economic precisely because of some defaults by their owners, who

The Registrar

Museums, public and private institutions that operate within the art world, have in their staff well-defined professionals that are involved in organizing an exhibition and in managing their own collection. Among these the Registrar is of crucial importance, being a multidisciplinary professional at the service of all phases of artworks handling, during the loan both

The artist’s archive

The Artist’s Archive is a precious ally for the protection and promotion of the artistic and economic heritage of an artist’s life, in favor of the future of his production, in aid of gallery owners and in support of collectors.

The Art Portfolio

The Portfolio is the tool that allows the artist to present his artworks, a strategic selection of images to approach gallery owners, curators, but also collectors and other professionals of the sector. Discover the 3 mistakes that could make you miss important occasions…

The Art Prizes

In the artistic panorama, art prizes are important opportunities for artists. Art prizes allow artists to present their research to a panel of  art professionals, to confirm and increase their artistic value, but not only.

SIMONE FUGAZZOTTO – Interview with the artist

Being a professional artist requires transversal skills and capabilities, which can not always be acquired in an academic context. The art world is full of risks and the possibility of failure is just around the corner, especially if your artistic production is not protected and managed at best. The interview with the artist Simone Fugazzotto

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – Interview with Angela Saltarelli of Studio Chiomenti

Artificial Intelligence, like a great revolution, attracts all the fields of human activities. Even in the system and in the art market, Artificial Intelligence is finding its space, being increasingly within the reach of artists, gallerists and collectors. Recently, the sale of artworks created with Artificial Intelligence has achieved incredible results.

Blockchain for Art

The Blockchain finds space in the system and in the art market, always marked by opacity of data, as a tool in favor of problems on provenance, price manipulation and the lack of transparency of information on artworks.

MARCO GENZINI – the art collector

The world of art collecting is constantly evolving. Risks and problems of the art market, encourage collectors to take precautions, to create art collections with awareness. The dialogue with the collector Marco Genzini offers interesting points of view on the art system and its dynamics.

The documents for the loan of artworks

The loan of an artwork is an important opportunity to increase its value and its recognisability: knowing the documents that are required in this process is fundamental to protect the safety of the works and their conservation.

The Solo show

The solo show is a fundamental step in the career of an artist: a presentation of his artistic research, in balance with the exhibition space, to highlight the main aspects.

Primary and Secondary Art Market

In the art market there are two main sales channels and knowing the players and how they buy or sell art is essential for all the industry operators.

The Website: a virtual gallery for art

Today not having a strong presence on the web is almost like not existing: the network of contacts has also to be built online and taking care of one’s digital brand image is fundamental especially in art.

The Castelli Method

Leo Castelli is recognised as the most avant-garde art dealer of the twentieth century and his method has become a model still viable today for the art market.

The galleries selection in art fairs

The annual calendar of art lovers is punctuated by art fairs, which are now held in all seasons and dot the agendas of gallerists and international collectors.

Corporate Art Collections

The term Corporate Art refers to any artistic property within a collection managed by a company.

Social networks: New art market channels

The social networks offer an exposure chance never seen before, increasing the already thriving online art market and offering new opportunities for artists and market players.

Find your appropriate gallery

There are different ways to get in touch with art galleries, you just have to know where to go and how to introduce yourself.

The Artworks Insurance

The main insurance companies have policies designed specifically for art collections, in order to protect them from multiple risks.

Corporate Museum

In the world there are a lot of companies that make up their own corporate museum, based on the existing territorial context and perfectly integrated with the productive circumstances of the company.

What is an art gallery

The art gallery is a reference point for artists, collectors and for the different players of the art world.

Christie’s Art+Tech Summit 2018

Christie’s, together with Vastari e Christie’s Education, has promoted in London the first Art+Tech Summit focused on the potential of Blockchain for art.

The Statement

The Statement is among the tools that allow the artist to communicate the reasons for his research to the art world.

The online art market

The 2018 Report of Hiscox Art Online Trade with Art Tactic has shown a continuous growth in online art sales.

Buying artworks from an art gallery

Relying on a gallery to create or enrich a valuable art collection can be very beneficial.

Discover the art secrets told by the greatest gallerists. Download the free VOL III eBook!

Discover the secrets of the most important national and international gallerists, to understand how they select their artists, the qualities they seek in an artist and what mistakes they must not commit to pursue a career in the art world.

Art, Technology and Innovation: “Report Art & Finance 2018 “- Deloitte

Recently, the new report Art&Finance 2018  2018 published by Deloitte in collaboration with Art Tactic has highlighted how in the future technology will increasingly be at the service of the art market.

The fakes in the Art World

The experts of the Fine Art Expert Institute di Ginevra (FAEI) have estimated that more than half of the artworks in circulation result be to fake. In Italy the recents cases reveal this problem in the art world.

The 10 most important art fairs in the world

Art fairs are crucial events for artists, collectors and operators in the sector.

The Rules of the market: the Damien Hirst’s Case

In 2008 Damien Hirst overturned the rules of the art market. Let’s find out how….

Art multiples – Find out what they are and how much they are worth

Becoming a collector is possible. A small budget should not prevent you from becoming collectors, also because the great artists have produced great multiples of art at small costs. Let’s find out what they are and how to do it …

Discover the Secrets of the Photography told by gallerists. Download the free Ebook!!

Discover the secrets of the most important national and international gallerists to discover how they select their photographers, what features they seek in an artist and moreover what mistakes they must not make to have a future in the world of artistic photography.   

Purchasing Artworks? Discover the 3 main risk factors to take into consideration

You are about to buy the work of a great artist, but are you sure you have considered all the risk factors? Let’s see the main ones…

Discover the Secrets of the Art told by gallerists. Download the FREE Ebook!!

Discover the secrets of the most important Italian gallerists, understand how they select their artists, what qualities they seek and above all the mistakes they must not make in order to have a succesful carrer in the art world.

When fashion marketing meets art.

In recent years, the trend of the great collaborations between Art and Fashion has spread exponentially.

The Contracts between gallerist and artist

In Italy, still few artists sign contracts with galleries, relying on a relationship of mutual trust, but the risks for both are around the corner.

The Certificate of Authenticity: the Art Passport!

To compose your own art collection, it is of great importance to have a comprehensive documentation kit that always accompanies the works, and lead all the Certificate of Authenticity.

You don’t have to be rich to be an art collector…

Even if it can help, you do not always have to be rich to become art collectors. Here we discover the four good rules for creating a true art collection

How To Sell Your Works To An Auction House

Discover the three phases of the main international Auction Houses in order to propose your artwork at an auction…

Find out how auctions of artworks are organised.

Discover the backstage of how an auction is created and organised, to know when it is the time to make your offer…

What is the Resale Right? Application and calculation in Italy, the SIAE case

What if after selling your artwork you could keep on earning from it?  Here is how!

The artist’s atelier. The secrets for a successful Studio visit

The Studio Visit is an opportunity for artists to narrate their artistic research within their atelier. We must be careful not to make certain mistakes and risk losing interesting opportunities…

The Artist profession. 5 basic tools to promote your art

Acquiring confidence in your own role as an artist is one of the first steps to be taken in order to interact with every sector of the art world.

The Role of an Art Gallerist Today

As an artist, collector, and curator it is important to be familiar with the role of an art gallerist. Here is why…  

Artistic Coefficient: How to calculate the price of the artworks

The young artist, the emerging photographer or the first-time collector, they all face the question of the prices of artworks with little information and much confusion; let’s shed some light on the topic.

The documents of the artwork. Six points to be checked before purchasing

When purchasing art, either directly from the artist or from the art gallery, it is essential to check the accompanying documents and the more information you have on the work, the lower the risks.